Establishment of a working group for the creation of an Educational Industries EuroCluster

At the initiative of a number of companies specializing in serious games and users from  training and research organizations , a working group is being established to create a EuroCluster on educational industries.


First step: adopt a complete value chain that can define the profile of all “trades” needed to create a strong innovation dynamic and provide a roadmap to structure the network.

First meeting: March 15, 2013.

For further information:

April: launching of the InterCluster EcoConstruction

Begining April: Launching of the EcoConstruction InterCluster

April: Opening on line of the platform InterCluster Ecoconstruction.

Sheduled Program:

- April-May: drafting of the roadmap with the strategic plan, the validation of the value chain governance rules, the first challenges …

- From May: network expansion and launching the first projects

écran ecoconstruction

Note that companies, research centers and training organizations can register to InterCluster without being members of a cluster ….